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solarwoven dome

Solarwoven covers dome in art project

"Jukebox for Plants" was an art project which Svensson wrote about in March. Now, a new project by the same artist is presented and Svensson has, just like for the last project, Svensson once again donated Solarwoven screen.

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danish grower

Danish grower expands with new Harmony

Danish Rosborg Krydderurter expands with a new greenhouse. By installing the new Harmony the grower is looking forward to the diffused light and low shade density.


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double screening
Trade Articles

More efficient growing with a second energy screen

Installing a second, moveable energy screen, Luxous 1347 H2no FR, in his tomato greenhouse turned out to be a good move for grower Erwin Theeuwen. “I’m able to optimize the play between heat and humidity by using two climate screens.”


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Hybrid house
Industry | Product

Climate screens installed in an innovative Hybrid House

The Hybrid House is a brand new type of self-sufficient housing. On one side there is greenhouse construction, and on the other side there is an isolated residential area.


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