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First Installation of New Harmony

After the successful launch of new Harmony at Horticulture Business Days in Gorinchem, the first screen has now been installed.

Following the exhibition in Gorinchem, many growers expressed interest in new Harmony, the climate screen that spreads light like no other screen on the market. The first installation took place on March 2, 2016 at  Nursery Batist Oranjepolder in Maasdijk, the Netherlands. The screen installation for the 2.3 Ha operation was made by Huisman.

Svensson's newest generation of Harmony screens were developed for growers looking for optimal diffuse light to achieve a better crop growth. New Harmony takes light diffusion to the next level distributing light even more evenly to all plants in the greenhouse, resulting in faster growth, stronger plants and better growth consistency.

After consulting Svensson and Huisman, Batist’s selected Harmony 2315 O FR. Nursery Batist is part of Colors of Nature, the cooperative of growers that focuses on growing mini gerberas. 

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