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Svensson receives HortiQ mark of quality

The HortiQ certificate demonstrates which companies are focused on top-class quality.

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Product | Industry

What is Next Generation Growing?

Next Generation Growing (NGG) is a new form of controlled environment production that was born in the Netherlands in the last decade. The main objective of NGG is to optimize...

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Svensson introduces a unique summer climate screen for greenhouse tomato cultivation.

Svensson introduced its latest and greatest new climate screen, HARMONY 1315 O FR, at the HortiContact in Gorinchem.

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Total Insect Exclusion allows vital Impatiens walleriana research to proceed

Researchers at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center (LIHREC) are using Svensson’s Econet 1515 insect control screen...


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Better technologies provide better whitefly pest control

The growth of greenhouse tomato production in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico continues to rise, seeing some very progressive growers looking for better technologies that can help them to increase yields and mitigate the pests of the region.

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Industry | Events & Exhibitions

Great success at the Next Generation Growing Seminar

In 2018, Horticonnect and United Farms established a research and development project in Mexico for high-tech greenhouse tomato cultivation, adapting the principles of Next Generation Growing.

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Hugo Plaisier
Trade Articles | Product

A Growers Climate: about diffuse light

Diffuse light is priority number one simply because there’s money to be earned with it.

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Deco Harmony in grey color
Product | Industry

Introducing open Deco Harmony versions for even better cooling of Garden Centers

Newer versions of the Deco Harmony product family has been released, applicable for regions with more warm climate and you need to maximize cooling and more ventilation.


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