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Great success at the Next Generation Growing Seminar

In 2018, Horticonnect and United Farms established a research and development project in Mexico for high-tech greenhouse tomato cultivation, adapting the principles of Next Generation Growing. In collaboration with Svensson, Hogendoorn, Koppert and Cultilene, United Farms has dedicated half a hectare for the adaptation of these technologies to Mexican conditions.

On January 22, 2019, the seminar "Delving into Next Generation Growing" took place in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. The concept of the seminar centered on improving the growing climate in the greenhouse, focusing on the plant. The seminar was based on the energy of the plant, water and assimilates balance in relation to the greenhouse climate.

Aimed at vegetable growers in medium-high and high-tech environments, the seminar went into detail about these specific topics:

  • How to integrate the Next Generation Growing concept into your production with the minimum investment
  • How to gain control over the transmission of moisture and light with the efficient use of screens
  • How the understanding of the behavior of the plant allows better quality in the product, higher margins and energy savings
  • The results of this methodology applied in Mexico.


We invite you to watch this interesting video and learn more about how Next Generation Growing can increase the productivity of your greenhouse.

Video in Spanish and English. Click CC on the lower right corner of the video for captions in English.

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Location: Queretaro, QRO, Mexico

Profile: HortiConnect develops business proposals and the search for models that provide convenience, added value and innovation for the Mexican professional grower. We link and represent partners in a transparent business environment vigilant of confidentiality, where flexibility and independence are honored.

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