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Joost Haenen
Industry | Product | Trade Articles

Unique open summer screen Harmony 1315 O FR

“With Svensson's newest climate screen, HARMONY 1315 O FR, lighting tomato growers can get through the worst of climates, even a record hot summer...

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Manipulation of climatic conditions for each type of grafted seedling

The production of grafted vegetable seedlings requires absolute protection against insects, and above all to be able to create the right climate conditions for each type of crop.

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Svensson Americas Announces Growth, Office Doubles in Size

Svensson’s Americas subsidiary is undertaking a major expansion at its Charlotte, North Carolina location.

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Industry | Product | Trade Articles

Extending the Life of Your Greenhouse Covering

We normally like growers to focus on their crop, its quality and yields, which is the essence of their business and what pays the bills at the end of every season...

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New Managing Director in The Netherlands

As of 1st of April 2019, Wouter de Jong will take on his new role as our Managing Director.

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