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Corné Smulders

Grower Profile:

Corné Smulders
Owner and Manager

Crop: Plum Tomatoes

Location: Oirschot, The Netherlands

Greenhouse: Venlo, 3 ha.

Climate Needs: Lower relative humidity and plenty of light

Svensson Climate Solution: Luxous 1347 FR

120 hours of energy savings per week!

Corné Smulders has been growing tomatoes for over 20 years. More than fifteen years ago, he began specializing in growing plum tomatoes. In recent years, one-third of Smulders' greenhouse has been devoted to growing a new variety called the "Food Service Tomatoes." He explains enthusiastically that this tomato is ideal for use on sandwiches and in salads because it's both solid and has low water content.

Back in 2001, Smulders' installed an energy-saving Luxous1347 FR screen in his greenhouse. This then-new, transparent screen was specifically selected for its extreme brightness. The tomato grower aimed to increase his energy savings by screening for additional hours during the day.


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Soon Smulders' found out that his expectations had actually come true in practice, which is why four years later, in 2005, he again chose a Luxous 1347 FR screen when he expanded his business, building a new greenhouse. To illustrate his experiences: on gloomy February days, the Luxous curtain opens in the morning around 10 or 11 o'clock. And we can't forget that the greenhouse is filled with many fully-grown, evaporating tomato plants during this period. His screening strategy resulted in allowing him weeks of 120 screening hours.

Even after utilizing for many years now, the screen still remains clear

After years of use, the screen continues to live up to its promise, and still allows a lot of light through. "In comparison to screens of the same age installed in farms of fellow growers, my Luxous 1347 FR screen is much brighter," says Smoulders.

Another advantage that Corné discovered is the screen's relative dryness. "When opening the screen in the morning, there aren't "rain showers" of condensed water droplets coming down from my screen onto the crop." On top of keeping my employees who work in the greenhouse very comfortable by preventing them from getting wet, the big advantage of this is the reduced chances of developing fungal diseases, such as botrytis.

Visiting Svensson experts also agreed that the climate remains very pleasant under the closed Luxous 1347 FR screen

Svensson Climate Solutions

Energy saving with maximum light transmission

Luxous 1347 FR

Luxous 1347 FR



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