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Greenhouse light abatement bylaws, now what?
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Greenhouse light abatement bylaws - Virtual Session

Join Svensson and Priva for an informative virtual session on complying with light abatement regulations without compromising your crops and the growing climate. Bypass your screening and computer control concerns by bringing your questions to the attention of our panelists.

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Climate House offers knowledge and tools

With a thermal imaging camera, you can visualize accurate climate measures such as closing a screen to the plant temperature

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The maximum amount of light and optimal energy savings

At the end of 2019, Kwekerij Moors in Asten took a new five-hectare greenhouse into use. To optimize the light penetration into his crop, pepper grower, Rob Moors opted for diffuse glass. At the same time, he invested in two Luxous 1147 FR screens from Svensson.

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De Tuindershoek: The brightest screen is good for pepper cultivation

In 2020 De Tuindershoek added 7 hectares. A doubling of their pepper cultivation. A new greenhouse, with new possibilities, modern technology and of course new climate screens.

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Luxous Light

Nursery Gubbels opts for Luxous Light

Gubbels nursery in North Limburg, The Netherlands, replaces a climate screen area every year. With its own biomass power plant, the priority now lies in bringing in a lot of light for bell pepper cultivation. And that is why Gubbels chooses Luxous Light.

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Here because of you | 40 years Climate Screens

As we dedicated ourselves to creating the perfect climate for greenhouses, you created the ideal environment for us to do what we do best. 40 years of Svensson climate screens is a milestone that we want to celebrate together with you.

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The Baños family, a pioneer in the province of Almería

Located among the greenhouses of Western Almería in El Ejido, the family-owned company Natural Baños has been a pioneer in using Svensson screens in the province for 18 years.

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Perfect at plant nursery Gitzels

At Gitzels plant nursery, innovation and taking away hurdles are of paramount importance. The nursery strives to produce constant and stable planting material for open-field vegetable growers and propagation services for seed and breeding companies.

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Ornamental aloe vera under Svensson’s Harmony screen

In a greenhouse located in the southern Spanish province of Almería, known as the "sea of plastic” for its proliferation of greenhouses, we meet with José Manuel Sánchez Marín, the pioneer behind the company Plantas del Cabo, where they grow aloe vera using the most advanced technology on the market: Svensson screens.

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Plant Empowerment and climate screens: the ultimate match!

How can you empower a plant? And why should every grower apply it? Peter Geelen explains, being one of the founders of Plant Empowerment, in cooperation with Jan Voogt and Peter van Weel.

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Growing by Plant Empowerment at BASF Vegetable Seeds

BASF Vegetable Seeds ambition is to make healthy eating enjoyable by offering vegetable solutions that are in line with consumers’ needs.

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How CristalPlant has managed to control insect plagues with Xsect screens

Svensson's new Xsect insect control screen helps CrystalPlant to eliminate the use of insecticides by nearly 90%, allowing the operation to provide customers with cleaner plants.

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