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Deco Harmony at Garden Center Natural Tilburg

Luiten Greenhouses advised developer Paul Ruijs in De Lier on the realization of the Natural Tilburg garden center. "They advised us on Deco Harmony, and we quickly agreed with that advice."

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Growing by Plant Empowerment at BASF Vegetable Seeds

BASF Vegetable Seeds ambition is to make healthy eating enjoyable by offering vegetable solutions that are in line with consumers’ needs.

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How CristalPlant has managed to control insect plagues with Xsect screens

Svensson's new Xsect insect control screen helps CrystalPlant to eliminate the use of insecticides by nearly 90%, allowing the operation to provide customers with cleaner plants.

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Xsect screen

Xsect – a new climate screen product family for ventilated pest control

After launching our original five climate screen product families in 2014, Svensson’s eXcited to introduce our newest and sixth product family Xsect for ventilated insect control, keeping the good insects inside the greenhouse and the bad ones out.

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Plant Empowerment

Plant Empowerment: The roadmap to sustainable horticulture

Are you familiar with Plant Empowerment? This cultivation method focuses on the natural behavior of a plant, and more specifically the three primary principles required to grow a healthy, strong, and resilient plant, leaving no room for plant stress.

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In Memoriam: Wouter de Jong

We’re both shocked and deeply saddened by the premature passing of our Managing Director, colleague and dear friend Wouter de Jong. Following a short and severe illness, Wouter passed away on Monday, July 27th at the young age of just 37. Wouter was so full of life and still had so many dreams, plans and opportunities as Managing Director of Svensson Netherlands, but above all as a husband and a father. 

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Ton Habraken an Eriv Vereijken inside the greenhouse

How climate screens can guide tomatoes through summer

Vereijken Nurseries is the first Dutch company in exposed tomato cultivation where the Harmony 1315 O FR has been installed. During the summer, preventing radiation, better crop control, and provide higher production are only a few of the advantages.

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Hello Mexico! Debut of New Warehouse Production Facility in Mexico

Svensson announces the opening of Ludvig Svensson SA de CV, our newly established production facility in Mexico, which officially began operations in March 2020, becoming Svensson's sixth office worldwide.

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Keep better track of humidity and energy balance with Connected Screening 2.0

Connected Screening connects the advanced Hoogdendoorn iSii software with a wide range of Svensson screens to allow full control of humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings in your greenhouse.

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Events & Exhibitions | Industry

Implementing Plant Empowerment: A Free Webinar Series

Register today for "Implementing Plant Empowerment", a free, four-part webinar series that kicks off on Wednesday, June 3rd. Participants will be introduced to the basic principles of Plant Empowerment and growing crops in a sustainable way.

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Product | Trade Articles

Keeping it Lit – Controlling greenhouse light pollution

Obscura light abatement screens double in keeping your plants and neighbors content
Article originally featured in Greenhouse Canada Publication

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Trade Articles

Happy & Healthy Easter!

These are truly crazy times we are living in. The whole world is being confronted with the coronavirus from all perspectives including health, social life and financially. We truly hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues remain in good health.

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