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No other name above the door than Voskamp

Gebr. L & J Voskamp is a robust family business. Grandpa Jan once started with a mixed company, but now the company supplies loose tomatoes throughout Europe. The third generation is at the helm. What will the rate be?

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The sustainable mission of Royal Berry

Pure quality. That is undeniably the best way to describe Royal Berry strawberries based in Bemmel, The Netherlands. However, nowadays offering a high-quality top product is no longer enough to fully meet the customer's expectations. Director Jan van Genderen explains why he believes sustainability is an opportunity to set his company apart. ‘It is about so much more than just growing a great product.’






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ALWECO - A world player from Maasdijk

Alweco is a real family business. Leo Alsemgeest started the specialization in the construction of screen installations. Now, his son Stephan is taking his father’s vision further and together with the Management Team they are expanding the Alweco footprint into international markets.






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Trade Articles

PDI - A family business with vision and courage

They are natural talents who have made their family businesses great through hard work. The practice was their school and not so much the school desk. Peter Dekker turned PDI into a global player. Bert van Ruijven of Arcadia had the vision and courage to go for disbudded chrysanthemum. Patriarchs who now make their (life) experience available to a new generation.

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Positive energy for '22

A smile can work like magic! It brings people together.
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BASF completes full growing season and achieves 121 kilograms by implementing the Plant Empowerment philosophy

In the summer of 2021, BASF Vegetable Seeds completed its second growing season in line with the Plant Empowerment philosophy at its Nunhems location in 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands. With the support of the multidisciplinary team, the crop production strategy has now been put into practice, achieving a total yield of 121 kg per m2.

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Nursery Gebr. Grootscholten is showing the way

On the outskirts of Kwintsheul, the Netherlands, are the two complexes of trade nursery Gebr. Grootscholten. For more than 75 years, the company has grown a wide range of up to fifty annual summer bloomers; cyclamen, chrysanthemums, lavender, and other seasonal products.






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GreenBalanZ in balance (again)

The Van der Weijden dynasty in Kudelstaart, the Netherlands, has been cultivating three generations of Phalaenopsis orchids. The current owner Lennard continues the policy of his father Sjaak; to grow as sustainably as possible. 

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Evenementen en beurzen


GreenTech Live & Online AMSTERDAM 
28 - 29 - 30 September
Stand 01.217






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Leadership change in Svensson North America

Matt Bonavita is appointed new General Manager and President of Ludvig Svensson Inc, effective October 1st. 

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The sustainable mission of… SweetPoint

He was one of the first to grow pointed peppers. That says everything about the progressiveness of Wim van der Lans. Wim was also quick in the field of sustainability. First as an individual grower, for 18 years under the SweetPoint flag and from 2015 also as a member of the Growers United cooperative. Wim talks about SweetPoint's sustainable ambitions.

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Climaflow – the solution to accelerate your growing climate

ClimaFlow, a solution that combines Hinova’s VentilationJet System®, and Svensson’s advisory service, Climate House.

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