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Kwekerij Verboom is a proud family business founded in 1960. Today, the second and third generation are at the helm together. Under the label "Winter Angels" they offer a range of Helleborus and Skimmia varieties.

We took a look behind the scenes. Jos Verboom talks passionately about his winter plants and about his good experiences with the new PARperfect screen solution.


Working together is a common thread throughout Verboom's company. On the advice of Svensson climate advisor Bart Bakker, the new PARperfect became the right solution. The Verboom nursery is the first grower with this new Svensson screen solution.

The aim was to not only control the climate with diffuse light but also to save energy. PARperfect ensures that all plants receive exactly the same amount of light - at every screen level. The light is so diffuse that you get a homogeneous light image, resulting in a beautiful uniform crop.

The high diffusion of PARperfect ensures that the light is distributed evenly across the plants. This ensures that the crop always receives the correct illumination. PARperfect is ideal for all crops that need to be screened against the bright sun in the summer.

PARperfect: Year-round optimal light levels for every plant.

Just like the Verboom nursery, every grower wants full control over the sunlight that reaches the plants. Not too much and not too little. Too much light (PAR) is harmful to the plants, while too little light inhibits their growth. To achieve this, there is PARperfect: a screen solution that continuously creates the right level of light all year round., with a perfectly even light distribution at crop level. The result is a uniform crop, rapid growth and optimum quality!





Kwekerij Verboom

Crops: Helleborus & Skimmia
Location: Zevenhuizen, Netherlands
Greenhouse type: Venlo 
What climate is needed? Energy saving and diffuse light to optimize the growing climate.
Svensson's screen solution:  PARperfect 
Generally, there are four key elements relevant to a climate that influence plant growth: light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 content. In addition to the fact that each element influences plant growth, they are also strongly interconnected.

Light in floriculture is all about finding the right balance: not too much, not too little, and for optimal crop growth, diffused light is preferred. When determining the right light levels, it is imperative that you know your crop. Download our white paper about varying light levels in the greenhouse to see how growers can accurately determine which light level is right for their crop.


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