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Trade Articles

PDI - A family business with vision and courage

They are natural talents who have made their family businesses great through hard work. The practice was their school and not so much the school desk. Peter Dekker turned PDI into a global player. Bert van Ruijven of Arcadia had the vision and courage to go for disbudded chrysanthemum. Patriarchs who now make their (life) experience available to a new generation.

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Positive energy for '22

A smile can work like magic! It brings people together.
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BASF completes full growing season and achieves 121 kilograms by implementing the Plant Empowerment philosophy

In the summer of 2021, BASF Vegetable Seeds completed its second growing season in line with the Plant Empowerment philosophy at its Nunhems location in 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands. With the support of the multidisciplinary team, the crop production strategy has now been put into practice, achieving a total yield of 121 kg per m2.

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