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H2no is an innovative technology that is added to a Luxous 1147 FR climate screen. Up to 8% more light can reach crops because condensation droplets flow off the Luxous 1147 H2no FR climate screens like a film of water.

This solution is ideal for growers who need to struggle with cold winters, and thus want to keep their climate screens closed more often. More screening hours can be realized, which means energy can be conserved and a better growing climate can be created. But above all, the special H2no technology allows more daylight to reach the crops, which helps to improve quality as well as production. What more could you want?

When developing this innovative technology, heavy emphasis was placed on ensuring that Luxous 1147 H2no FR screens  allows for equivalent energy savings and comparable high light transmission capabilities, when dry, as that of Luxous 1147 FR.



Luxous H2no benefits

More screening hours

More light, thus more growth

Reduce energy consumption 

Trusted Luxous quality  

Flame-retardant, NTA certificate






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