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The ACT Group is hosting a virtual "Ask Us Anything" event on June 7, 2023, focused on sharing best practices in precision growing for fruit and vegetable production. This event aims to provide growers with an opportunity to learn from industry experts and ask questions about the latest techniques and technologies in precision growing for fruits and vegetables.

The event will cover various topics, including climate control, lighting, nutrient management, pest and disease control, and automation. Attendees can expect to gain insights and practical advice on how to optimize their growing operations for greater efficiency and higher yields.

The ACT Group is excited to connect with growers and share knowledge that can help improve the sustainability and profitability of their operations. This event is designed to give growers a chance to enhance their knowledge by learning from industry experts and exploring the latest techniques and technologies in precision growing.

To attend the event, interested individuals must complete the registration form in the link below.

Register here!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from experts and optimize your growing operations. Join the ACT Group on June 7, 2023, at 1:00 PM EST for this informative event.

ACT is a collaboration of industry-leading companies, providing premium services and products for the horticulture industry. We partner to bring together industry suppliers and growers to provide networking opportunities and education on the latest cutting-edge technologies and best practices. Learn more at

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