TEMPA 6562 D

TEMPA 6562 D

Energy saving and solar reflection

During the day, TEMPA 6562 D reflects sunlight and diffuses the light to keep the greenhouse cool and avoid overheating of plants. During the night it helps to retain heat, maintaining a steady temperature and saving energy. The steadier temperature minimizes formation of dew on the crop, reducing the risk of fungal diseases.

Contact your local Svensson representative for product availability and standard widths in your market.

Application Inside

Sliding, Hanging

Material composition
Polyester 55%
Aluminium 45%

2 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse, 2 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse, 1 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse

Flame retardant No
Weight 70 g/m²
Width of strips 4 mm
Tensile strength (length/width)
According to ISO13934-1 290/46 N/5cm
Elongation (length/width)
According to ISO13934-1 17/16%
Shading level in direct light
According to integrated sphere 65%
Shading level in diffused light
According to integrated sphere 68%
UV light transmission
According to integrated sphere 6%
Energy saving
According to Svensson 62%

Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering, see Svensson’s limited warranty for all terms, conditions, and exclusions in writing.

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