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Sustainability is an important theme for Paul Buysman. Of course it is imperative to save energy, but Paul's motivation goes a step further. “I think it is important to be involved in the world. We all have our responsibility to our community.” That is why Paul recently chose the premium climate screen Luxous 1147 Eco FR , which is partly made from recycled material. Learn more about his motivations and experience, as well as that of Aad Alsemgeest from Dutch installer, Alweco.

Letting light through and saving energy

The new energy screen was installed in mid-October or early November 2023. It is the second energy screen for five departments in his greenhouse growing herbs. Paul explains why he needed a second screen: “We screen a lot at night to save energy and to prevent light emissions, because we illuminate part of the night in the greenhouse. In the morning hours, I left the existing energy screen closed for quite a while to save energy. I lost a lot of light with that. I didn't like that, so I looked for a solution. I had heard something about translucent energy screens and that is why I called Hugo Plaisier (Climate Advisor at Svensson).”

A calm climate

Hugo and Paul soon arrived at Luxous 1147 Eco FR. A premium energy screen from Svensson that lets through a lot of light and is also made from recycled material, Luxous 1147 Eco FR aligns perfectly with Paul's vision of sustainability. He has been working with the new screen for several weeks now. “When the sun rises, the dark screen opens and I leave the new translucent screen closed. This creates a calm climate because the plants do not have to deal with a sudden blow of cold air. Enough light comes in and in the meantime, I save energy. It's still a bit of a search for the right balance. The challenge is not to make it too hot and humid, but so far we are very pleased with it.”

When growing his herbs, Paul makes as many sustainable choices as possible. “It's just nonsense to waste energy unnecessarily. We also do not use crop protection products and we illuminate with LED. If you invest wisely, it will come back to you. It also makes your company future-proof.”

Installation by Alweco

Alweco is the in-house installer of Buysman Kruiden and carried out the installation of the climate screens. “We have been doing business with each other for years,” says Aad Alsemgeest. He also knows the greenhouse. “Herbs are grown all year round. We carried out the installation with a monorail system. That went very smoothly.” Aad is pleased with Paul's choice for an eco screen. “He is one of the first in the herbal world. That shows how innovative and sustainable he is with his company. Nice to be part of that.”

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