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Paul van den Broek, alongside his parents, oversees the family-operated greenhouse in Holland. Traditionally focused on tomato cultivation, they sought a solution to regulate humidity within their greenhouse. This led Paul to ClimaFlow, Svensson's vertical airflow system. Following its installation, Paul noticed numerous advantages and has since integrated ClimaFlow into their cultivation of eggplants.

Paul started exploring ClimaFlow in 2017 when he only grew tomatoes. The system offered him the opportunity to better regulate moisture in his greenhouse, which is essential to prevent mold, especially in tomatoes. Thanks to ClimaFlow, he was also able to keep his climate screens closed for longer, which was perfect for his greenhouses with diffuse glass. “We have seen significant improvements since we installed the ClimaFlow System,” enthuses Paul. “The greenhouse climate has become much more even. The temperature at the concrete path is the same as at the back of the facade. We suffer less from dampness and fungal diseases. And because we can keep the screens closed for longer, we save a considerable amount of energy.”

Expansion to eggplants: a new challenge

In 2021, Paul and his parents decided to also expand their offering to include eggplants. “We wanted to broaden our portfolio and eggplants seemed like a good choice.” And so the 7.8 hectare greenhouse horticulture company was divided into 4.1 hectares of tomatoes and 3.7 hectares of eggplants.” The major difference in the cultivation of the two crops is the required temperature in the greenhouse. “The temperature for the aubergines is about 3 to 4 degrees higher per day than for the tomatoes. The humidity is also higher.”

Although eggplants require a subtropical climate, Paul continued to use ClimaFlow, especially the recirculation system for an even climate in the greenhouse. If the moisture level rises, he also uses the dehumidifier. “This way we still get the most out of the system. I certainly see positive results, especially in the color.”

Paul van den Broek

Paul van den Broek

Technology and green thumbs

Paul is satisfied with ClimaFlow, but also with the collaboration with Svensson. He praises the reliability of the system and the fact that it requires little maintenance. As a born grower, who runs the company together with his father and mother, he participates in the constant developments in the horticultural sector. “Something is always changing, that's the great thing about horticulture. The best ideas emerge in the most difficult times. Then the real entrepreneur emerges. It is my passion to bring the best possible product to the market. I see data and technology as useful tools to do our work. My father is more of a 'green thumb' person. That is also just as important. The origin is the cultivation of your product and you should not lose sight of that .”

With an expansion plan from 7.8 to 9.2 hectares on the agenda, Paul looks confidently to the future and remains determined to continue growing the company.

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