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Solarwoven Ultra donated to art project three consecutive years

For the third year in a row, Svensson donates Solarwoven Ultra, a transparent greenhouse cover, for a unique application for Peter Ojstersek’s art project.

“De Ijssel Chinampa” is a greenhouse in the form of a geodesic dome that is mounted on a raft and anchored in the Berkel Canal in the Netherlands. The dome is part of the international art route that runs along the Ijssel River from Doesburg to Kampen where the participating artists share their vision on climate change on our riverscape.

The dome created by Peter Ojstersek is inspired by the chinampas, the artificial islands used by the Aztecs for growing crops. Inside the dome, traditional Aztec crops are cultivated, such as corn, potatoes, beans and squash.

In the evening, the dome changes character and turns into a floating sculptural light watch which is illuminated by two LED lights programmed to change color every hour.

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