Greenhouse shelter or sidewall

SOLARWOVEN ULTRA is a reinforced transparent greenhouse cover. It blocks 90% of the sun’s UV radiation and saves energy when used inside the greenhouse. Withstanding hail, downpour and wind, the cover is strong and tear resistant – with a longer life than most other greenhouse plastics. This Svensson greenhouse cover is also used for roll up side walls both inside and outside as it does not stretch.

Contact your local Svensson representative for product availability and standard widths in your market.

Application Inside/outside


Material composition
Polyolefin 100%
  Plastic full
Flame retardant No
Weight 200 g/m²
Thickness 0.3 mm
Tensile strength (length/width)
According to ISO 13934-1 900/794 N/5cm
Elongation (length/width)
According to ISO 13934-1 25/20%
Shading level in direct light
According to Svensson 15%
Shading level in diffused light
According to Svensson 22%
UV light transmission
According to integrated sphere 10%
Energy saving
According to Svensson 50%

Please contact your Svensson representative for warranty information.

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