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Welcome to our family!

Svensson is a family-owned company with a flat management structure. We're not afraid of taking on new challenges and creating opportunities through networking, collaboration and creativity. We believe in personal development and invest in our employee's skills. Svensson is a workplace with lots of opportunities and contacts around the world.

Close to nature, and the city Svensson is headquartered in Kinna, and located near Sweden's west coast 60 km from the country's second city, Gothenburg. Kinna is a small town with qualities that big cities can't always offer. We're located near beautiful countryside, golf courses, and recreation areas with great spots for swimming and fishing. And we have nearby access to diverse cultural activities and entertainment, as well as universities.

Programmes for motivated staff and job satisfaction

Dependability, a long-term approach and dynamism are the core values that form the basis of our business. We believe it's important for all employees to understand their role in and contribution to the company's overall goals and activities. We also believe in the importance of open dialogue with staff and providing feedback on day-to-day performance.

We adopt various approaches to provide all employees with an opportunity to strike a healthy life-work balance, whatever their duties or working hours. We offer a wide range of benefits including supplementary pay during parental leave, a fitness allowance, access to training facilities and flexible working hours. For employment benefits relevant to your location, contact your local Svensson office.

Interested in working at Svensson?

There may be a vacancy in your field of expertise. Check current positions or contact the respective office directly!

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