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The right advice for the best climate and screen solution

Without a climate screen, you can’t create a climate.

Consultants are an important face for Svensson. They support domestic and foreign installers and growers in choosing the right screens. 

Growers, installers, and modern seed breeders want to be informed of the latest trends in the field of climate screens. Climate screens are crucial when it comes to optimizing growth, climate, and reduced gas usage.

Global experience and background in crops, greenhouses, and climates to provide advice on the best climate and screen solution for the best result. The Svensson consultancy team has all the knowledge that you need for crops, greenhouses, and climates worldwide. They will provide you with the right advice for the best climate and screen solution so that you can achieve all the results that you want.

How will we do this? By helping growers with knowledge and hard figures.
Svensson Climate Advice is the service we provide so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the climate screen you need. Each advice is prepared by a Svensson consultant who takes your growing situation into consideration before suggesting a climate screen solution.

Want to discuss your perfect
climate solution?