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Climate House

Meet & Grow!

Improve your climate and increase your yields per m2


Throughout the world, there’s a demand for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, flowers, and plants. High-quality standards, great taste, and long shelf-life are common denominators here. In addition, time is short and many factors influence crop quality.

You may sometimes ask yourself, how can I get the best out of my crop? How can I use different climate technologies in the right way, and how can I get more out of my climate computer data? How do I create the optimum climate for my plants on the one hand, and ensure my people can work under the right conditions on the other?

While you focus on running your business and achieving your goals, we support you in gaining better insight into your greenhouse climate so that you can improve the quality of your crop. Climate House is where we gather our services.




Receive tailored advice based on your situation, issues, and needs. We offer the following services:

Climate management

Greenhouse climate insights and advice to achieve a better end result in terms of quality, production, and costs.

Climate screen management

Climate data analysis for an optimal climate screening strategy.

Advanced PARperfect advice

Insight on how much light the plant can handle.

Thermal advice

Insight report and visualization on plant temperature and photosynthesis status.

Energy advice

Extensive energy-saving analysis for efficiency and control.

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What do you receive after an analysis of your climate?

  • You receive a detailed written report with technical evidence based on climate data from your site.

  • Over a beforehand agreed period - in consultation - a biweekly or monthly advice meeting.

  • Knowledgeable and supervisory eye in the form of an expert. An eye on the ball, certainty, peace of mind.

let's meet and grow!

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