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Darwin Colombia optimizes the climate of its greenhouses for successful production of ornamental plant cuttings

Today, with 8 hectares of greenhouses, Darwin Colombia has been a leader in Colombia's agricultural sector since its establishment in 2002. The company specializes in the production of ornamental plant cuttings for export. We had the opportunity to interview Carlos Martínez, R&D Director at Darwin Colombia, who told us how Svensson has become a great ally for Darwin with the climate screens and insect control nets, contributing to Darwin's success in the management of its greenhouses.

Darwin Colombia is a consolidated company since 2002. It currently has 8 productive greenhouse hectares and an average of 420 workers all year round, making it the Colombian company in the agricultural sector with the highest density of workers per area. 

Darwin is a division of Ball Horticultural Company, its main objective is the production of ornamental plant cuttings for export. In the last year, more than 70 million cuttings were exported to markets in USA, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom mainly.

Darwin's catalog consists of 68 genera that groups a total of 745 varieties, which are grown in greenhouses, where health, good agricultural practices, and care for its people are the pillars that sustain its production. Similarly, it is essential to have high-quality materials to meet the requirements of the plants and people, maintaining the quality standards that characterize us, says Carlos Martínez, R&D Director at Darwin Colombia: 

“For this reason, Svensson is an important ally that provides us with climate screens and insect control nets.”

In the past, one of our greenhouses generated high pressure due to Thrips migration from nearby crops, and it is no secret that this poses a significant risk of virus transmission, a situation that we could not allow, Carlos explains.

“It was necessary to renovate the greenhouses, and we had the opportunity to do something different. Searching in the market, we found Svensson and its nets, which were very attractive to us at that time. We installed the Xsect Xtra insect control screen around the perimeter of the greenhouse, this net allows us to achieve an 85% exclusion of insects thanks to the type of fabric it has, and the best thing is that you don't sacrifice ventilation to such high percentages as with other brands.” Carlos Martínez, R&D Director at Darwin Colombia.

Better pest and climate control in Darwin's Greenhouses

For Darwin, keeping insects out of the greenhouse is not only a sanitary advantage but also allows for reductions in chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly and reducing costs.

The insect nets and climate screens have allowed Darwin to significantly improve pest control. Incidences have been drastically reduced, as well as the need for chemical applications. Having lower temperatures and better ventilation means that diseases develop at a lower rate and cycles are slower, allowing Darwin's team to have more efficient and early control.

“A great advantage worth mentioning is that the climate inside the greenhouse is now more favorable for people and plants. With the Harmony 5120 O E climate screen we have a better ventilation and temperature ratio, without sacrificing incident PAR radiation. In addition, our workers feel very comfortable inside the greenhouse, even in the months affected by the El Niño phenomenon, where temperatures and radiation have been quite high,” says Carlos.

Finally, Carlos tells us the following about the relationship with Svensson:

"Working with Svensson has been quite beneficial and enjoyable. Not only have we benefited from their high-tech, quality products, but they also have exceptional human talent and are always there when you need them, willing to help and collaborate. They have a skilled technical staff that gives you a lot of confidence. It has been a pleasant experience of mutual learning and collaboration."

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