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In our ongoing commitment to support growers in advancing a sustainable horticulture industry, Svensson is pleased to present its 2024 Annual Rebates Guide. This comprehensive guide encapsulates crucial energy savings rebates aimed at assisting growers in implementing energy-efficient upgrades to their greenhouses, concurrently mitigating associated costs. Guides have been created for greenhouse growers in the following regions:

  • Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon
  • United States: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Washington

Growers are well aware that energy expenses constitute a significant portion of annual budgets. On average, these costs make up around 60% of the overall operating expenses in a greenhouse. This reality prompts growers to seek innovative approaches to curtail energy consumption and enhance profitability. As your dedicated partner, Svensson is ready to assist you in optimizing your energy savings potential for the best returns on your investments.

Our seasoned climate advisors bring years of expertise to the table, specializing in the development of energy savings strategies, screen selection, rebate applications, energy savings modeling, and more. Leveraging advanced tools such as our energy calculator, our experts will collaborate closely with you to help attain your energy savings objectives. Together, we can take significant strides towards fostering a more sustainable horticulture industry.


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