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KP Holland, a well-known producer in the world of breeding and plant nurseries, recently purchased the greenhouse from its neighbor in De Lier and thoroughly renovated it. Roy van der Knaap shares his enthusiasm about the transformation of the greenhouse, including the installation of brand new climate screens. The installation was carried out by Peter Dekker Installations (PDI).

The greenhouse, previously a tomato nursery, was extensively renovated to make room for potted plants. In typical KP Holland fashion, with an eye for detail, investments were made in renovating the existing installation. This installation received a major overhaul with, among other things, new materials, the Harmony 2047 FR climate screen and smart reuse of existing parts. A completely new, second climate screen was also installed at the bottom of the truss, the Obscura 10070 FR WB+B. With this addition, the 3.5 hectare greenhouse now has two climate screens. Together these form PARperfect, the screen solution that ensures perfectly even light distribution and a constant PAR light level in the greenhouse, regardless of the outside conditions.

Energy saving in winter

Although Roy has seen some glimpses of the PARperfect effect, he is especially looking forward to the spring and summer to really see it in action. “During the winter, it is about bringing in light as well as saving energy, so the diffused cloth is ideal for this.” Roy is happy with the climate screens so far. “It takes some getting used to, that's for sure. The Priva product also works differently. It took some time to find the right settings but everything is now running smoothly for the winter and the installation is mainly used for energy savings. The countdown is on to spring and summer when the combination of the two screens can prove itself.” The installation of the climate screens was provided by Peter Dekker Installations (PDI). Jeroen de Jonge of PDI is proud of the long-term relationship with KP Holland: they have been doing business with each other for 35 years.

A smooth renovation

The renovation of the new greenhouse started at the beginning of 2023. The tomatoes were removed in January and the screen installation was prepared in February and March. The new floor was installed at the end of May; only afterwards, at the end of the renovation, were the climate screens installed. A conscious choice to keep the screens nice and clean. The first Kalanchoe plants arrived in the greenhouse in September and went on to the market in November. As of January 2024, the greenhouse will be full of Curcumas, “a plant that can use a lot of light to grow,” according to Roy.

With this recent renovation and the installation of advanced climate screens, KP Holland is taking another big step forward in sustainable and efficient plant cultivation. We are looking forward to seeing flourishing results in the coming growing seasons!

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