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Warmzone growers have special challenges and doing an amazing job, often with a more traditional set of tools.

For some time we’ve wanted to share some of our experiences with these extraordinary growers: site visits, some of the data from growing trials, some of their best tips –  even just the friendships and banter with customers and partners from Culiacán on the Mexican Pacific coast, to Qingdao on the Chinese Yellow Sea coast.

So it’s eight of us: Paul, Ying, Hugo, Hector, Alan, Alejandro, Pieter and Nelson. We really hope you’ll want to read our new blog, which we’ve called the Warmzones Growers Blog.

We’ll be asking questions like what do you when your staff are struggling to pick in high temperatures, or your bumble bees go on strike because even they think it’s too hot?

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And then as you read the blog we look forward to your feedback on what you’d like us to write more about.

Our list of ideas will keep us going for a while, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on issues like these...

  • Hot climate pests
  • Maxing the winter crop
  • Warmzone diseases
  • Getting more light out of fall and winter
  • Climate at night
  • Extending the growing season
  • Optimising nursery climates when it’s hot
  • Humidity control

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