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Double H Nurseries is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of houseplants. After 14 years of use, the time to replace their screens had finally come. This presented an opportunity to Double H to improve various greenhouse factors based on their screen selection.

Reduced energy needs, improved plant quality and more comfortable working conditions in hot weather. These have all resulted from a recent investment in screen installations at Double H Nurseries, one of the UK’s leading suppliers to supermarkets of houseplants. As the previous decade neared its end, replacing the existing screens in about 13,000 square metres of glass was becoming a priority. This is around a fifth of the total productive area of the nursery, which is situated eight miles east of Bournemouth.

The screens in need of replacement had served well for fourteen years, but were suffering from wear and tear. With the help of Alweco Screen Systems, Bridge Greenhouses Ltd., and Alweco Scherminstallaties, the older screens were replaced with three types of screens to serve different purposes for various houseplants. First, a double-layered screen, type Obscura 10070 FR WB+B was installed in an area dedicated to pop mum production. Second, Luxous 1547 D FR was installed in the phalaenopsis production region to help with prioritizing energy savings. In the final step, Harmony 5920 O FR was installed to boost light diffusion and elevate the climate.

After the installation was complete, one important overall impact was seen: better light transmission, with a consequent reduction in the need for artificial assimilation lighting in spring and autumn. The results of installing the new screens were quickly reflected in the crops as well. Read the full article and see exactly what the impact of the new screen installation was by clicking the link below.

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