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Introducing Xsect – Our newest product family for ventilated insect control 
Keeping the good insects inside the greenhouse and the harmful ones out

Excluding pests is the most effective insect control method and the first line of defense in an integrated pest management program. But most insect nets come at a cost: they block airflow, making your climate hotter and more humid, causing damage to crops.

Xsect is different. Uniquely designed with exquisitely thin, proprietary yarns and a uniform weaving process, Xsect screens are produced with consistent hole sizes and a virtually impenetrable weave that insects can’t burrow through. Yet at the same time, air flows comfortably thanks to superior, small-diameter fibers. The result? A cooler, less humid greenhouse climate that is healthier and more productive for people and plants alike.




Meet the new Xsect family members

Multiple Xsect screen choices let you target the eXact insects you want to keep out or keep in, with hole sizes based on measurements taken from real insects.

In every case with Xsect, you can be sure of both secure protection against even the smallest insects* and maximum airflow.


Xsect Xtreme

Extreme exclusion of thrips or insects of similar size, with good airflow.


Xsect Xtra

Advanced control of thrips and similar-size insects combined
with extra added airflow.



Xsect Balance

Effective exclusion of aphids, whiteflies, and insects of similar size with maximum airflow.


Xsect Beefriend

Effective inclusion of beneficial insects, ensuring pure pollination without cross-contamination. Also available in flame retardant (FR) version


Xsect screens are produced with pride and passion in Svensson’s Shanghai facility and are available globally for delivery this fall.

*) No screen will exclude all insects.

Xsect family product page

Xsect’s product performance meets the strict Svensson quality standards and utilizes top-of-the-line raw materials. Continuous collaboration between Svensson’s research and development teams and growers worldwide allows us to offer the best technologies and products on the market.

Designed for exceptional performance and long service life, Xsect is UV stable and highly resistant – providing a durable insect control solution.


Xsect boosts profits

The list goes on and on of ways keeping pests out and improving airflow mean better business. Here are some of the ways Xsect significantly benefits your bottom line.


Extended growing seasons


Increased crop quality


Better and more productive working conditions


Higher yields per crop cycle


Reduced pesticide use


Better conditions for bees and other beneficials


Stronger protection against pests and viruses


Reduced flower abortion and burnt fruits






Find your flow!

Conduct a full-scale analysis of your greenhouse pest exclusion and airflow potential to determine the exact insect screen solution you need. Contact us for analysis or just talk about insect control.


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