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Keep better track of humidity and energy balance with Connected Screening 2.0

Connected Screening connects the advanced Hoogdendoorn iSii software with a wide range of Svensson screens to allow full control of humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings in your greenhouse. It shows how much humidity can be transferred through the screen, and how you can increase plant quality by using multiple screens.

Connected Screening was introduced in 2016, but up to now only worked with one climate screen even though two or more screens have since become the standard. Now a new version, Connected Screening 2.0, is available that can handle two climate screens. The upgrade comes as part of the latest Hoogendoorn iSii software to be rolled out this year for users of Hoogendoorn Growth Management climate computers.

More control

In a personalized visualization of your greenhouse, Connected Screening shows you real-time humidity transport of the Svensson climate screen, while also indicating the transparency of the screen and the actual energy savings. The module also offers you a clear picture of how much humidity you can eliminate through the screen, and how you can improve plant quality by using multiple screens. In this relation, you can see when you should keep a climate screen closed and when you should first ventilate above the screen. In summer, Connected Screening 2.0 will calculate how much light your plants are getting when a climate screen is open and how much when closed.

Improving climate

Connected Screening is the result of a unique collaboration between Hoogdendoorn and Svensson, which, through knowledge sharing and innovation, offers all the advantages of Plant Empowerment.
The result is a healthy crop with a higher yield and lower energy costs. Thanks to the greater control offered by Connected Screening, growers can increase screening hours and maintain plant quality based on better data, which in turn results in improved greenhouse climate.

For further information to find out more about Connected Screening, please contact one of our Svensson or Hoogendoorn advisors, or check out

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