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Svensson Debuts New Warehouse Production Facility in Mexico

Hello Mexico!

Svensson announces the opening of Ludvig Svensson SA de CV, its newly established production facility in Mexico, which officially began operations in March 2020, becoming the companies sixth office worldwide.  

Svensson expands its footprint with the formation of the newly established Ludvig Svensson SA de CV and the opening of a new production facility in Guadalajara, Mexico in response to increasing demand and growth in the protected horticulture industry throughout Mexico.

In 2005 Svensson opened its first satellite sales office in Mexico, fast forward fifteen years later, and we’re excited to announce that the longtime dream to expand Svensson’s Mexican office with local warehouse capabilities was made recently made a reality. 

The grand opening of the new warehouse, which is located in an industrial business park in Guadalajara, commenced in March of 2020. “This new facility enables us to offer cohesive climate screen solutions and further strengthens our service capabilities in Mexico,” says Ludvig Svensson SA de CV’s general director, Sergio Eulloqui.

Svensson’s Mexican operation aims to balance both sales and order fulfillment, strengthening Svensson’s footprint in the Mexican market, which is a key market for the organization.  “The capabilities implemented at our new Guadalajara facility will significantly boost our flexibility in the Americas,” says Mauricio Manotas, Managing Direction of Svensson’s US subsidiary, Ludvig Svensson Inc.

“Our warehouse is designed to house stocked material and has very similar capabilities and machinery as utilized by other Svensson entities globally, allowing the Mexican subsidiary to deliver custom-tailored climate and insect screen solutions – ultimately enabling us to better serve our rapidly expanding local customer base,” adds Eulloqui.

This a logical step in our business growth strategy and is a strong testament to Svensson’s long term commitment to the greenhouse industry in Mexico. Ludvig Svensson SA de CV’s new setup aims to improve operational speed and competitiveness and will continue to serve existing customers in a much more efficient manner,” said Manotas.

Ludvig Svensson SA de CV is the organization's fifth subsidiary worldwide, with sister offices in Holland, China, the United States, South Korea and most recently Mexico. Svensson’s corporate headquarters is located in Sweden. Production primarily takes place in Kinna, Sweden, and in Qingpu (Shanghai), China, where we control and own the entire manufacturing process, from the drawing board and the choice of yarn and raw materials to the desired solution and the finished product.

This new facility enables us to offer cohesive climate screen solutions and further strengthens our service capabilities in Mexico

Sergio Eulloqui, General Director, Ludvig Svensson SA de CV

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