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‘2020: Year of the Grower’

2020 looks set to be a great year! Not just because it’s the start of a new decade, but above all because 2020 will be all about growers, builders and installers and the greenhouse horticulture sector as a whole. 

In line with tradition, Svensson once again released a film during the festive period this year. Only, not a Christmas film but instead a New Year’s film kicking off ‘2020: The Year of the Grower’.  


This time the lead role is played by greenhouse growers worldwide. We devote attention to growers’ dedication and their ability to continuously improve in a sector that is constantly innovating. The video also highlights growers’ social contribution to fostering a more sustainable world. Consider in this regard reducing CO2 emissions through energy-efficient cultivation as well as the use of natural pesticides and sustainable packaging materials. The film even touches on the matter of growers’ significant contribution to solving the world food problem.  

The message of this short film goes well beyond New Year’s wishes. At Svensson, we know that the greenhouse horticulture industry is in perpetual flux. Trends and developments follow each other at lightning pace, with new, innovative, high-tech solutions for the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants constantly being devised. Consumers too have been setting increasingly stringent requirements of greenhouse horticulture products in recent years. Which is putting unrelenting pressure on greenhouse growers to perfect their products. By presenting ‘2020: Year of the Grower’, we are showing our appreciation for the growers. This short film marks the start of a year packed with festivities, stories and videos that will put the growers, greenhouse builders and installers and the greenhouse industry as a whole in the spotlight, giving them the respect they deserve. 

We wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2020. And above all: Happy ‘Year of the Grower’.

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