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In Memoriam: Wouter de Jong

We’re both shocked and deeply saddened by the premature passing of our Managing Director, colleague and dear friend Wouter de Jong.

Following a short and severe illness, Wouter passed away on Monday, July 27th at the young age of just 37. Wouter was so full of life and still had so many dreams, plans and opportunities as Managing Director of Svensson Netherlands, but above all as a husband and a father.

A private funeral was held on Saturday, August 1st.

Wouter will be missed with great sorrow by so many. In a six-year period, Wouter made a determined career at Svensson. In his initial role as account manager, Wouter quickly advanced to Commercial Director, and in April of last year, he went on to fulfill the role of Managing Director of Svensson’s largest subsidiary, Svensson Netherlands.

His strong determination and visible pride and passion guided his many accomplishments. Wouter’s savvy instinct and engaging personality inspired many. A friend to countless colleagues and business relations alike, Wouter had the unique ability to bring everyone together in a positive way.  

Svensson’s best interests and future vision were in good hands with Wouter. He dared to think big, while at same time took great appreciation in the small and personal. In the minds of so many, he will live on as a warm, just and ambitious person.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Marjolein, Flynn and Nola. A beautiful young family who must continue on without their beloved husband and dear father. We wish Wouter’s family, friends and loved ones every strength in coping with this great loss.

– On behalf of the entire Svensson team

Wouter de Jong
May 11, 1983 - July 27,2020

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