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Lower it a little

"PARperfect. More production and less hours of assimilation lighting: therefore, lower costs"

The use of a double climatic screen in the greenhouse has stopped being something rare. It is common in many crops of containerized plants and cut flowers. With only one limitation: too much or too little light is still used. Of course, cracks can be made, but this carries a risk. This produces an irregular distribution of light and causes direct sunlight to reach the crop, with all the consequences that this entails.

We have found something for this problem: PARperfect. With it you can adjust the level of light as you wish, from 20% to 100%, as with a dimmer.
How does it work? The state of the climatic screens is adapted according to the intensity of the solar irradiation, changing the degree of protection. So the plants always receive the perfect lighting. Thanks to the extremely high diffusion capacity of PARperfect, the light is distributed very evenly by the plants. Depending on the season and the time of day, you can make a "detailed adjustment" of the status of your screen (and with it, the irradiation). That variable protection is based on a regulation of the PAR light.

"PARperfect. More production and fewer hours of assimilation lighting: therefore, lower costs"

The result? A perfectly uniform light distribution and constant PAR light levels in the greenhouse. Each plant receives the same amount of light. You can also get a richer natural light in PAR. In addition, it will never suffer light peaks on the crops, preventing them from being damaged. The consequences are more production and fewer hours of assimilation lighting: therefore, lower costs. PARperfect puts a light dimmer in your hands!

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