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Top quality climate screens with optimum cultivation as a result

You need an optimum climate in the greenhouse for optimum cultivation. There is no discussion about this. With over 130 years of experience in textile crafts, it’s safe to say we have mastered this. All our climate screens are manufactured at our headquarters in Kinna, Sweden. We control and own the entire manufacturing process, from the drawing board and the choice of yarn and raw materials to the desired solution and the finished product. This provides unique opportunities to influence and develop each part of the process. We are therefore able to offer our customers great flexibility and unique solutions according to their specific demands and requirements – whatever the size of the project.

To have maximum control over the growth climate in the greenhouse, a perfect climate screen is necessary. You can influence many growth factors with this: from the amount of light to the amount of moisture in the greenhouse air. Not to mention the crop temperature. By precisely aligning light, temperature and humidity, growth and production are maximized. This is usually accompanied with a more resilient plant with few diseases and pests.

Thanks to many innovations and new insights, it is now more possible to control the climate with a screen. Svensson is at the forefront of this. On the one hand by the production of first-class climate screens with unique properties, on the other hand through knowledge about the greenhouse climate and how you can maximally influence that with the right screen choice.


The more light the more growth. That is a proven fact, especially in winter, so the sun must reach the crop as best as possible. Basically, this means that you keep your energy screen closed as little as possible during the day.

  • However, there may be good reasons to screen during the day:
  • Preventing cold in the morning;
  • Preventing heating pipes being too hot;
  • Saving energy.

Preventing heat radiation from the crop to the cold greenhouse cover.

It is therefore the desire that the climate screen has the highest possible light transmission. The search for the most translucent screen will lead you to LUXOUS 1147 FR: a very clear energy screen with a light transmittance of no less than 89%.

Very popular with vegetable growers who try to apply the findings of Het Nieuwe Telen (The New Cultivating) and dare to screen increasingly more in the winter, also during the day.


Many crops need to be protected from the bright sun in the summer; this to prevent burning, discoloration or other disadvantages. Climate screens are also often used for this. Modern screens not only provide shade, but also light distribution. Svensson has taken a major step in this regard with the introduction in 2010 of the HARMONY screens. Due to a number of improvements that have since been implemented, the light distribution effect of HARMONY has greatly increased. Expressed in HORTISCATTER, it now stands at 85% and more, an improvement of around 35%. This ensures a lot of extra growth of the crop that can go up to 10%.

Controlling the air humidity:

More screens in the winter also means more moisture in the greenhouse. How can you reduce the moisture in the greenhouse with as few openings as possible in the screen? You would rather not do that because it can cause coldness and an uneven temperature. The remedy is then airing on the windward side above the completely closed screen. Above the climate screen, the air then becomes drier, so that more moisture is eliminated upwards through the screen. The Svensson LUXOUS screens appear to allow the correct amount of water vapor through to play this game. Thus, saving energy and eliminating moisture without an uneven climate, all thanks to a Svensson LUXOUS screen.

These are just a few examples to illustrate that for achieving an optimal growth climate you will soon arrive at Svensson.

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