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Climate screen replacements save money over time

A transparent Luxous energy-saving climate screen provides a considerable saving on energy costs and also ensures a better growth climate. This reduces the costs and increases the yield. For a permanent optimum return it is important that the screen is replaced on time.

Over time, pollution inevitably reduces the light transmission of the climate screen. You get light loss and the use of the screen is not possible as much during the day. An old screen also saves less energy due to wear and tear.

When is a good time to replace the screen? A return calculation shows that an optimum replacement moment is between 7 and 9 years. Replacing the screen over time yields money!

Luxous energy-saving climate screens are available in various designs, from highly transparent to highly diffuse. The right choice depends on the goals that are being pursued. Whether a single or double screen installation is present also influences the choice.

The advantages of Luxous at a glance:

  • The highest possible light transmission, so unhindered use during the day
  • Optimal moisture permeability, due to additional moisture elimination by airing above the closed screen
  • Effective in reducing the (nightly) radiation, therefore a higher crop temperature.
  • Great degree of flexibility, so a minimum package in open condition.
  • A proven long lifespan.

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