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Precision Growing Practices Dual Track Seminar

On Monday, March 25th, industry leaders Svensson, Priva, Signify, and Nunhems hosted a dual-track Precision Growing Practices seminar series in Leamington, Ontario.

The seminar attracted nearly 100 industry players from Leamington and surrounding areas all with interests in the newest growing technologies to boost climate and crops while keeping operating costs down.

Together with Priva, Signify, and Nunhems, the seminar series provided insight to vegetable seed genetics, climate control and energy efficiency through screening and lighting for vegetable grow operations. 

Svensson Climate Consultant, Ton Habraken, discussed the latest innovations on greenhouse climate and climate screen control in vegetable operations. In the vegetable session, Ton provided new information on light abatement control via screening and variable shading screening principles. The audience learned of cultivation research findings from trials with Wageningen University (WUR), and heard the latest on double and triple layer blackout light deprivation screen considerations.

“The Leamington-Kingsville market plays a vital role in the vegetable industry throughout North America. This seminar allowed us to partner with three other companies with the same mission, to show their strong commitment to helping growers produce efficiently” says Mauricio Manotas, President of Ludvig Svensson, Inc.

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