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The dream of a perfect climate

In our 2018 end-of-the-year film, we take a moment to reflect that we are all responsible for our precious earth. Each one of us fulfills a role in this, whether big or small.

A perfect climate. A beautiful wish.

What's better than a dream come true? And what if this dream were to help save the earth? More and more often we see, smell, feel and hear about the effects of climate change; and according to the experts we know that CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced in order to keep global warming below the crucial limit of two degrees Celsius.

We hope you enjoy our film, and as you watch we invite you to think about the climate in the coming new year.

Meet young Olivier, a small scientist with a rich fantasy, who watches clips of the melting polar caps and explorer episodes addressing the regions in which his friends, the polar bears, live that are steadily starting to shrink.  All of this leaves Olivier worried, and rightfully so. As a young dreamer he begins thinking about how he can solve this. In his bedroom, Olivier, the son of a flower grower, develops a climate screen surrounding the earth, which he hopes will combat global warming. But a wish like this is one  that needs the assistance of Santa Claus… He awakens on a winter morning to find it snowing. This is the power of fantasy; often the start of a solution.

For the past half century, Svensson has been providing climate screens to growers worldwide to create the ideal greenhouse climate. Over the past 50 years, Svensson has delivered more than 20,000 ha in climate screens. And as a result growers like Olivier’s dad have been able to reduce their energy usage, decreasing their overall CO2 emissions.

– Happy Holidays from Svensson



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