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First successful cucumber cultivation in Chinese solar greenhouse equipped with Dutch technology

In April 2017, the solar greenhouse located in Bleiswijk, Holland first opened and has since completed its first successful cultivation of cucumbers. This state-of-the-art solar greenhouse which is equipped with high-quality technology, including Svensson climate screens, monitors the climate conditions of a typical greenhouse in China.

Cucumbers were grown in the Solar Greenhouses first ever production cycle. The young cucumber plants developed well using solar energy that's stored in a concrete wall. The greenhouse, which uses Svensson's Luxous 1347 FR energy screen, completed their first successful harvest within the intended project timeline.


Dutch innovation for Chinese solar greenhouse

The greenhouse is equipped with Dutch technology, including climate screens, and a soilless cultivation system with an irrigation unit and a climate computer. Through this demonstration and its experimental results, Dutch suppliers signify that their technology can be aligned to Chinese circumstances, enabling growers in the Chinese markets to increase production and crop quality.

Preparations are currently underway for the projects second cultivation. In this phase the solar greenhouse will produce Chinese breed tomatoes, the crop was planted in mid-August. In this cycle, the climate data will be compared to a standard Chinese solar greenhouse in Shouguang, China. The Chinese solar greenhouse is located on Wageningen University & Research grounds, next to the Delphy Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk, Holland and is open to visitors. Appointments can be made through the 'Partners in International Business' group.

Promotion of Dutch technology

This project is set up by ‘Partners in International Business’ (PIB), a collaboration of leading Dutch horticultural companies and knowledge institutes whom are active in the Chinese market. The project aims to strengthen the position of its members (Delphy, Wageningen University & Research, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Svensson, Ridder Drive Systems/Hortimax) in China by promoting their technology and demonstrating the advantages of using such technology and knowledge in China’s current horticulture sector. The project is funded by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland and Metropool Regio Rotterdam Den Haag.

The Chinese solar greenhouse is located at Wageningen University & Research, next to the Delphy Improvement Center in Bleiswijk, Holland. The greenhouse is open for visitors and tours can be arranged via Svensson.

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