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Svensson looks to blossom in Brazilian market

Svensson is proud to partner with companies and local distributors in the Brazilian horticulture industry and plans to provide greenhouse operations throughout Brazil with more options than ever before.

Svensson has had a strong presence in Brazil for many years and has proven to be the leader when it comes to controlling the climate in the greenhouse. “We are now taking the necessary steps to commit to Brazilian growers in a more definitive way, including more diverse product options and availability in a competitive pricing structure. We have a deep admiration for the Brazilian horticulture industry and we certainly want to leverage the segment,” says Mauricio Manotas, president of Svensson’s North American subsidiary.

Committed to Brazilian growers

Svensson will bring a vast product offering to the Brazilian greenhouse market, including its five different innovative climate screen product families amongst other textile horticultural solutions designed to help growers enhance their climate.

blossom in Brazilian market

Mauricio Manotas sheds insight into the success of Svensson’s products as he notes, “We have learned over the years, that one of the main challenges that growers suffer from is the uneven production and inconsistent light spread. Our light-diffusing Harmony is 100% focused on uniformly spreading the light, which eliminates shadows from structural elements over top the crop, maximizing production. We’ve seen significant production leaps with growers who have made the switch to Harmony screens,” says Manotas.

In combination with Svensson’s climate screen lineup, our Brazilian product offering will highlight our Econet line of insect screens. Unlike many standard insect screens, Econet not only keeps unwanted insects out, thanks to its consistent hole sizes, but its fine yarn structure maximizes airflow for improved ventilation. Operations throughout Mexico and Central America where insect nets are regularly used and considered a necessity have experienced highly successful results from using Svensson’s insect screens. With its unique design, Econet has not only proven effective for excluding insects, but also improving the overall climate, allowing for equal benefits of insect exclusion and a better-balanced climate.

Ready to provide the best possible service 

The Americas team is proud to partner with Brazilian companies and local distributors who know the climate, the challenges, the culture and the local language best, all which help make it possible for Svensson to provide nothing short of the best possible service, all around.

"I've been to Brazil many times and I can't begin to say how excited we are to partner with leading local players and to be able to offer our innovative climate screen solutions to the Brazilian market. I'm hopeful that Brazil's growers will give Svensson a chance and will see first-hand why we have remained number one when it comes to climate control in the global greenhouse industry for more than 40 years," explains Manotas.

As he concludes, "We believe in the Brazilian economy, but most importantly we believe in the people and we want to be a part of their market and are excited about what the future holds."

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