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A little extra light makes a big difference

New Luxous 1147 FR provides two percent more light without losing out on energy saving and humidity transport capabilities. You achieve a better growth climate during the cold season when vegetable prices peak and a screen that on average can be closed more hours during the day.

Thanks to intensive research and product development, Luxous 1147 FR is the most transparent energy saving climate screen ever from Svensson. The bundle sizes when not in use are unusually small, just as you would expect from a Luxous screen. The screen is suitable in both single and double layer installations, for vegetable and ornamental crops.

Why Luxous 1147 FR?

More produce when prices peak

Two percent more light from Luxous 1147 FR means earlier and more vegetable production in the winter when prices peak. 

More screen hours in the daytime

The transparency of Luxous 1147 FR makes it possible to keep the screen closed for more hours during the day, leading to further energy savings.

Warmer plant heads – less risk of crop condensation

During the night, Luxous 1147 FR contributes to a better growth climate all year round as it blocks upward heat radiation. The heads of the plants remain warmer with less risk of crop condensation when the sun rises the next morning, maximizing the plant performance.

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