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After one year with new Harmony - Lansbergen roses achieves more light and optimal growth

"Lansbergen Roses, located in the Netherlands, has been using Svensson’s light diffusing Harmony 2315 O FR for over a year, enhancing the growth climate for the Red Naomi roses they are well known for. Lansbergen was the first rose grower to install a new Harmony climate screen and has been very satisfied with the results. “It is a very diffusive screen which greatly benefits our cultivation.”

We took a behind-the-scenes-look at Lansbergen Roses in September and heard from Peter Lansbergen who spoke passionately about his beautiful red roses and his experiences with new Harmony.

The young and enthusiastic Peter Lansbergen, who grew up the son of a rose grower, produces around 6 million Red Naomi roses throughout the year. In addition to growing top quality roses, Peter is committed to visiting his customers in the Netherlands, England and other European countries often. Since purchasing his greenhouse in 2006, Peter has built a strong bond with his customers and pays close attention to how his roses are delivered, helping him to improve the quality of his roses, the packing and more.

In 2016, he replaced his 10-year old shade and light restriction screens which were used for nearly a decade to better control the climate. Since both screens were on the same wire bed, replacing them as a whole was the best option. Without considering other screening options, he opted for Svensson right away.

After hearing about the positive experiences his fellow growers and cultivation manager had with using the classic Harmony light-diffusing screens, Lansbergen opted for Svensson’s new Harmony 2315 O FR. The Harmony's many benefits including the unparalleled light-diffusion, shade protection levels and the screens flame retardant properties made for an easy selection process.

Red roses require a cooler climate, and more than 23% shade protection in the Dutch climate. Thus, the greenhouse roof is also chalked during the summer. “Thanks to the high level of light transmittance and light diffusion with the Harmony 2315 O FR, I can delay the chalking process in spring by one month. I can now achieve the needed PAR light sums easier during this period, which will help contribute to a higher production. Closing the screen cloth never felt right, as you block out so much light. But I can close my Harmony screen without any hesitation if its sunny.”

As previously stated by Lansbergen, “My new screen allows me to postpone painting, and I’m able remove it earlier in the year. I used to apply chalk early in the spring when the sun can be very bright, since there is less moisture in the air. By painting, I was able to keep my crops from getting burned by the sun. However, the sun is usually only this bright for a couple of hours per day. Thanks to the new screen, I don't have to use chalk for such conditions.”

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