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Winter light greenhouse with new & extremely transparent energy screen

The 'Winter light greenhouse' was built on the Wageningen UR greenhouse horticulture grounds this summer. The goal of the 'Winter light greenhouse' is to capture at least 10% more sunlight in the greenhouse during the winter months (October through March). To help achieve this, Svensson has developed a new and extremely transparent energy screen.

The “Winter light greenhouse” concept attempts to allow the crop to make more efficient use of light. More light in the greenhouse combined with a crop that makes more efficient use of light is expected to lead to an increase in production of more than 10% during the winter.

Specifically for this concept, Svensson has developed a new extremely transparent energy screen*. Because the new energy screen is equipped with H2no technology, the high light transmission is also realized when the screen is wet due to adherent condensation. The other innovations that are thought to lead to a better light yield in the greenhouse include an improved greenhouse construction, diffused glass with an optimised AR coating and a newly developed and compact double screen installation. The double layer screen installation is placed at the same angle as the greenhouse cover, in order to achieve even higher light transmission.

The Winter light greenhouse will cover 500 m2 and a trial with a cucumber crop is scheduled for this fall. A specific breed that is especially suited to winter growing due to its leaf shape and position was selected. Cultivation will take place according to the principles of New Cultivation (Het Nieuwe Telen).

The Winter light greenhouse was developed in collaboration with Wageningen UR, Svensson, Bom Group, Bayer Cropscience and Glascom. The project was made possible by the Greenhouse as Energy Source programme, the innovation and action programme of LTO Glaskracht and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

*) The screen installed in the Wageningen UR Winter Light Greenhouse was developed for test purposes only at the time and is not currently available for resale

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