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Saving more with two screens

Luxous is one of Svensson’s five product families. The screens in this family provide considerable energy savings. The trend in New Cultivation (Het Nieuwe Telen) is to use two screens to save even more.

Luxous is the most transparent energy saver of all Svensson screens. These screens not only save energy, but, let in plenty of natural light at the same time. Luxous has been on the market since the eighties and continues to improve thanks to new R&D innovations.

"Svensson’s two most popular Luxous screens are Luxous 1347 FR and 1547 D FR. Both screens are widely used by vegetable growers, explains Svensson consultant, Paul Arkesteijn. "At night, growers close the screens. Due to the high light transmission the screen can remain shut for a few hours after sunrise. During the coldest time of the day, in the early morning, you don't have to resort to using additional heating. Even when the screens are not being utilized, they provide more light due to the remarkably small size of the bundle when folded. To make even more efficient use of the screen, you can close it before the sun sets. Little light is lost due to the high translucency of the Luxous screens. By screening well, you create the ideal climate with Luxous, leading to optimal growth."

Dual screens, dual Luxous 

The trend influenced by New Cultivation is working with two energy screens. "The ultimate goal to save even more," is Paul Arkesteijn's reasoning for why growers are increasingly switching to two energy saving screens. "One can achieve savings of 63%. This means extra savings of 4 to 6 cubic meters of gas per square meter, and it isn't detrimental to the climate". The use of dual screens coincides with a new way of thinking: growing at ever higher humidity.

The results of trials using two energy screens in a tomato greenhouse without dehumidification have been published. A tomato demonstration trial with the Luxous 1347 FR and Luxous 1347 FR H2no, which is equipped with anti-condensation technology that enables condensation drops to flow out of the screen - took place at the Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk. When both screens are closed, they still allow 64% of light through. The trial cultivation went well. In the trial greenhouse, additional savings of 4 m3 gas/m² was achieved.


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