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Innovation and competence in focus when the Speaker of the Riksdag came to Svensson

Last week, Svensson received a number of distinguished guests. Urban Ahlin, the Speaker of the Riksdag and Lars Bäckstrom, the Royal Governor were accompanied by MPs from the district. Svensson's owners, siblings Anne and Anders Ludvigson, highlighted the importance of continued investments in innovation and skills supply.

The purpose of the visit was to acquire knowledge of local issues for the future when Speaker of the Riksdag, the Royal Governor and MPs from the district, visited companies in Borås and Sjuhärad. Svensson offered our visitors a well appreciated tour of the production, including a presentation of the company and the issues we see as priorities for continued success. One of these is skills supply - a key issue to further develop the company.

Besides Svensson, the group also payed visits to Eton Fashion in Gånghester, Franzen textiles in Skene and Textile Fashion Center in Borås.

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