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More light with H2no

H2no technology prevents droplet formation and natural light reaches your crops without being obstructed. This can increase light transmittance by up to 9%.

Condensation droplets on your greenhouse’s climate screen can be a major problem because they act as reflective lenses. The image illustrates what happens to daylight: a lot of it is reflected and does not reach your crops. Up to 9% daylight can be lost in this manner. So don’t underestimate what condensation can do to your turnover.

H2no technology is an available option for LUXOUS 1347 FR and LUXOUS 1547 D FR.

H2no technology by Svensson drastically reduces the formation of condensation droplets. When water assembles on the screen, a thin transparent layer is created, which has anti-reflection properties. Every bit of daylight can thus reach your crops. This means the screens can be operated for longer during daytime, without the negative consequences of reduced growing light.

Benefits of H2no technology

  • More light = more growth
  • More screen hours = greater energy efficiency
  • Fewer droplets = less chance of crop damage

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