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Improved diffused light with new Harmony

When replacing the existing climate screens, it was an easy choice for Danish Klostergaarden to go for the new Harmony screen. As experienced Harmony user, the grower is looking forward to benefit from the improved diffuse light and hope for even faster and better growth than before.

The greenhouse Klostergaarden is located in Skævinge in Danmark. With more than 50 different varieties of herbs it’s vital to achieve the right light conditions in order to reach the optimal output.

”Giving us faster growing crops, that are of better quality, we’ve been extremely pleased with our Harmony climate screens throughout the years” says Alex Lund Nielsen, owner at Klostergaarden. “We’ve even been able to save more energy as we’ve been able to screen more hours –keeping the screens diployed longer in the morning and using them earlier in the afternoon.”

Alex Lund Nielsen will be one of the first Danish growers to have the new Harmony screens installed. Next week 2000 m2 of the new Harmony screen will providing the plants with light that’s spread even more evenly than before.

”We are looking forward to seeing the effect of the added diffuse light and the slightly lower shading level we were able to select with our new Harmony screens,” says Alex. 

Danish Gartneri Klostergaarden is a 9.000 m² greenhouse producing more than 50 different varieties of potted herbs. Only biological pesticides are used to control bugs and fungus diseases, when a consumer eats a product from Klostergaarden it’s absolutely safe.

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