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More efficient growing with a second energy screen

Installing a second, moveable energy screen, Luxous 1347 H2no FR, in his tomato greenhouse turned out to be a good move for grower Erwin Theeuwen. “I’m able to optimize the play between heat and humidity by using two climate screens.”

Theeuwen had a second energy screen installed, a  LUXOUS 1347 H2no FR (Flame Retardent), beneath his LUXOUS 1243 D screen, which was installed earlier in his tomato greenhouse. By using this new climate screen, Theeuwen is able to respond to the circumstances better. He certainly was able use it to his benefit last winter, which was an unusually mild winter. The energy screen remained closed all winter allowing moisture to be easily extracted into the ventilated upper area by means of the threads in the knitted climate screen. This past spring, Theeuwen already saved 2.5 to 3m3 in natural gas.

He was able to achieve these positive results because the strips of foil in the H2no screen cause a film of water and not droplets to be created as a result of condensation. That improves light transmission by up to 10 percent. Droplets of water reflect a portion of the incoming natural light back out, but a film of water allows the light to pass through. The light transmitted by a screen with a film of water is even one percent greater than what is transmissted through a dry screen. This means that the screen may be used longer during the day.

Before, Theeuwen already finished using the screens in April. Now, the climate screen is kept closed when it’s cold in the mornings or it is closed at the end of the day. This cools the plant more gradually and allows him to be able to convert more of the daylight into assimilates and rates of growth. This allows the supply to the top of the plant to remain constant, meaning that the top will not become too coarse. No additional energy will have to be given to the plant again at another time.

Theeuwen calls his investment in a second climate panel “a step towards more efficient growing and increasing yields.” He also combines the double screen with dehumidifying equipment. “You can optimise the play between heat and humidity,” according to Theeuwen. He has proven by using the two energy screens that you can work with The New Cultivation (Het Nieuwe Telen) in different way and still save 20 to 25 percent in energy.

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Magazine: Groenten & Fruit Tomatenspecial
Edition: June 2016

An important point of consideration is the timely replacement of the screens. Over the course of the years, energy savings and the rate of light transmittance will most certainly decrease. Our specialists will be happy to come by for a personal consultation:

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