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25 Great Reasons You Should Be Considering Double Screening

Thinking about double screening? Here's 25 reasons that are too valuable for your operation ignore!


  1. Double your ability to heat, cool and light on demand
  2. The best of both worlds — no choosing between shade or light
  3. In a two-year trial, greenhouses consumed 30 percent less on heating expenses compared to an average commercial greenhouse gas consumption.
  4. More light and better temperature control, so less ventilation is needed during the day, and more CO2 and moisture stay in the greenhouse.
  5. Plants develop up to 15 percent faster
  6. Customize your climate by pulling one or both screens
  7. Avoid light pollution for environmental reasons
  8. Ability to control many different shade levels
  9. Flexibility to rotate different crops
  10. Apply different screens at different times depending on the sun  position, light level and time of year
  11. Depending on the combination, use it for controlling flowering and crop times
  12. Maximize energy savings and light during the winter
  13. Respond quickly to regularly changing temperatures and light levels
  14. Better control when mixing cold and warm air
  15. Prevent crop shut down when cold air drops into the greenhouse early
  16. Combine diffuse light and shade to gain even more benefits
  17. Reduce summer plant temperature in the greenhouse by up to 4° C
  18. Eliminate white washing and fixed shading alternatives
  19. Manage humidity precisely with two curtains to adjust
  20. Combine with reflective blackout screens for maximum energy savings
  21. Diffuse light comes from the screens, lowering the glass cost
  22. Production is 25 percent higher with double screening compared to fixed screens
  23. Maximum light, minimum heat loss
  24. Quick payback in only a matter of years
  25. No cleaning glass chemicals, maximizing its life expectancy

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