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Harmony spreads light like no other

Harmony is one of Svensson’s product families. At the start of this year New Harmony was debuted to the market. Screens in the Harmony family provide optimum light, spreading light more evenly than any other screen.

‘Made in Sweden’ is clearly stated on Svensson screens.

“Competitors continuously try to copy our products. Svensson stands apart from the competition devoting a great deal of time and money in the continuous research and development of screens. New Harmony is an example in this regard”, explains Paul Arkesteijn, Product Manager and Advisor at Svensson. “Not only do we emphasize quality, we also stress the fact that this product is produced in our Swedish factory in Kinna.”

Higher light yield

In the case of Harmony - and now New Harmony - the word diffuse is a fitting one. The composition of the screen, with its famous white strips, ensures that the light is spread evenly in all nooks and crannies.

“New Harmony ensures even better light distribution compared to classic Harmony. The light is more uniform and more homogeneous”, says Paul highlighting the benefits of this screen, which is used in pot plant and cut flower operations. “Compared to the original, classic Harmony screen, the light yield is 32% higher for flowers and plants in the shade. Due to its structure, every greenhouse has shade. Posts are needed to support the roof, for instance. Thanks to New Harmony the light that falls in those shady spots is spread evenly through all products in the greenhouse.”

The more even light distribution of New Harmony results in plants that grow more uniformly and more rapidly.

“We’re increasingly coming to grips with light, enabling growers to boost production per square meter. More light equals more growth, and thus an increase in revenue. New Harmony allows up to 2-3% more light to enter by choosing a climate screen with lower shade level compared to classic Harmony.”

More light on the hydrangea

Grower of cut hydrangeas Jan van Weerdenburg in De Kwakel is one of the first users of the revamped screen in the Netherlands. He uses Harmony 4215 O FR.

“The climate is uniform and I can see gentle shadow lines”, Jan says of his first impressions. “In contrast to my old screen, this new screen has an open structure. It can be completely closed as a result, without this having a detrimental effect on the exchange of air above and below the screen. Because no screen-gap is required for the ventilation, the sun does not have a chance to shine directly on the plant. The upside of this being that I no longer have any sunburnt hydrangea leafs. We normally paint the greenhouse roof more in the summer. This year, we were able to postpone painting for several weeks, because the greenhouse temperature is so much more controllable with the Harmony screen. Hence the hydrangea plant gets more light cumulatively.”

Harmony features

  • Less risk of sunburn for the plant, more light exposure and a cooler temperature.
  • High-grade light diffusion, ensuring that sunlight penetrates the plant more deeply and more evenly.
  • Improved productivity and stronger, healthier plants due to a more even light distribution over the entire plant.
  • A gentler, more effective climate, not only for the plants but also for the people working in the greenhouse.
  • Increased crop quality due to the lower temperature of the plant.
  • Better working conditions.
  • Less chance of burning the upper portion of the plant.
  • Flowers have a more intense colour thanks to diffuse light.

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