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Xsect Beefriend FR

Xsect Beefriend FR provides effective inclusion of beneficial insects such as bumblebees, ensuring pure pollination without cross-contamination.

Xsect insect control screens are uniquely engineered to keep beneficial insects in the greenhouse and the harmful ones out, while allowing for maximum airflow, creating a cooler, less humid greenhouse climate that is healthier and more productive for people and plants alike. Xsect Beefriend FR is made with flame retardant materials only. This is the optimum choice for all installations from a fire safety perspective. It meets the highest safety standards in the horticultural industry and test reports are available from various authorities.


Exterior, Inside
Insect control
Flame retardant
Shading level in diffused light
Svensson method
28 %
Shading level in direct light
Svensson method
22 %
100 %
129 g/m²
Insect inclusion
Effective inclusion of beneficial insects, ensuring pure pollination without cross contamination
Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering and three (3) years for outdoor use. See Svensson’s limited warranty for all terms, conditions and exclusions in writing. Svensson does not provide any warranties with regard to the effectiveness of the nets to keep insects in or outside a greenhouse. Any and all liability of Svensson with respect to that is excluded.

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