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Hanging fabric with logo of architect @ work logo

Architect meets innovation

Almost 220 manufacturers have succeeded in meeting the strict selection criteria - and Svensson is one of them!

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Pernilla McGillivray

Meet Pernilla - Designer at Svensson

After 20 years as a textile designer and 7 years as a textile product developer in the automotive industry, Pernilla McGillivray joined the design team at Svensson in late 2018. Today textiles for curtains fill her sketchbooks and her working day.

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Clara Larsson

Meet Clara Larsson

HDK student Clara Larsson will begin an internship at Svensson this autumn. But Larsson is by no means a new face on the scene. Last spring, she was given the task of producing a display for Svensson's recently launched upholstery fabric, Debut. The result was a three-dimensional sculpture - Connect.

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Hands tying threads in weaving machine

Different ways of meeting

At Svensson, we’re back after a wonderful holiday, fully recharged and with an updated collection we’re looking forward to presenting to you. Our operations are continuing as normal, but with an extra thought for the health of our customers and colleagues. If you’re unsure about meeting us in person, we can still offer a meaningful meeting that you and your colleagues can take part in from elsewhere. 

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